IRTM GROUP is a leading independent general trading and production company. IRTM GROUP are focused onshore , offshore , powerhouse , Oil & Gas production, Industrial Machines, Food, paper products, Tobaccos and many more rading and utility projects in the Middle East specially in Arab countries.
The company’s portfolio of properties provides stable, environmentally responsible production and a platform for future growth. IRTM has more than doubled its Middle East years ago and has a deep inventory of development opportunities to deliver future growth.
IRTM has collaborated with big international companies like Shell , Agip eni , Sinopec , voestalpine , wabag, in Middle East countries.

IRTM’s primary goal is to build value per share by:

  1. Exploring for undiscovered reserves;
  2. Purchasing and developing general trading products properties.
  3. Enhancing the value of production through marketing and midstream activities
  4. Optimizing production operations to control costs
  5. Maintaining a strong balance sheet.

Our Location

I.R.T.M. General Trading L.L.C
Level 30, office No. 21
The H Hotel – Office Tower One -
Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai
P.O. Box: 71960 - DUBAI UAE

Opening hour

Sun-Thur (9.00-17.00)
Fri-Sat (Closed)

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Tel: +971 - 4 388 89 83