Oil & Gas

“ IRTM “ is an indigenous service provider to the oil and gas industry in Middle East Region. It was incorporated as a Holding Company in UAE to carry on the business & support for the oil and gas industry; environmental management; marine logistics and support; and project management. It is also involved in the business of marketing, supply and trading of crude oil and petroleum products. Led by a dynamic management team, IRTM has been strategically positioned to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage to achieve its vision. This is further enabled by the proper deployment of good corporate governance and risk management practices.

Utility Projects

Growing communities require new utilities and older towns and cities are constantly upgrading aging and outdated gas, water, electric, and sewer systems. IRTM’s cultural resource management services help planners, engineers, and construction contractors meet federal, state, and municipal requirements by including architectural and archaeological survey as a planning element of their utility projects. These surveys identify historic properties and potentially significant archaeological resources early enough in the process for our clients to weigh preservation and mitigation options including partial redesign, evaluation and documentation, or historic property plans of creative mitigation or conventional data recovery.

Utilities, electric, gas, sewer, water, are critical elements in infrastructure. Many systems are in need of repair and new systems are being proposed. Most utility projects are subject to local, state, and federal regulations requiring an assessment of impacts on significant cultural resources.

IRTM offers a wide range of cultural resource services to prospective clients involved in utility planning, installation, and maintenance. IRTM’s clients range from individual landowners building new homes or installing utilities to municipal agencies improving city wide sewer and water systems, and large national corporations installing major gas pipelines, high voltage electrical lines, and fiber optic cable.

Cigarettes & Tobacco

We are a leading, multi-category consumer goods company that provides tobacco and nicotine products .
For decades, we have built our business on meeting the preferences of adult smokers with leading cigarette brands, superior products and market-leading innovations.

That remains the case today because cigarettes are still at the core of our business. They continue to be used by millions of adult smokers, despite the well-known health risks of smoking.

An unprecedented confluence of technology, societal change and public health awareness has created a unique opportunity to make a big leap forward in our long-held ambition to provide our consumers with potentially reduced-risk products.

With our global scale and the strength of our commitment, we are perfectly positioned to capitalize on this ambition – contributing to what we’re calling Transforming Tobacco: providing adult consumers with more choice, more innovation and potentially less risk.

We believe that by providing a range of high quality, innovative products, many millions of smokers will increasingly make the choice to switch.

Today, our portfolio of cigarette brands is complemented by a growing range of potentially reduced-risk products, which include:


IRTM is a leading provider of paper solutions in the region . Being present in the paper market for decades has seasoned us to understand our customers’ requirements and meet them with utmost precision. With a completely modern perspective, IRTM continuously ensures to provide a well-rounded choice of tried and tested products for every conceivable application.

Thread & Cotton

IRTM always struggles to meet the increasing demands of Cotton & Threads in the market. Our manufacturing capability and continued investment in product development has made us trusted and reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier in this domain. With our years of experience and rich domain expertise, we are able to deliver specialized threads like Polyester Sewing Thread, Embroidery Yarn, Stitching Thread, Polyester Embroidery Yarn, Computerized Embroidery Yarn, Multihead Embroidery Yarn, etc. Our products are extensively used in furniture upholstery, bedding, textiles, clothing and various other applications.

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